Part 1

Reflective journal

12/06 self portrait


Aim during Fad+


I am aiming to develop skills for more editing over the computer, so I can be able to crate more professional films in the future. Until now I have been using iMovie which does good work, but to widen the things I could do I would need to start using other softwares. 


During my a-levels I had a personal goal of trying to impress my tutors just by using limited tools so it can highlight my creativity. But now that I am taking my first step into a professional field I would need to learn more technical skills which can widen the variety of editing to create my films in the future. I have had a time where I found the sound was not the best quality after I was done with my final outcome. Also the cuts of the scene could of been more matched to the sound so then it is more precise and perfected. I think my graphical skill of font could also be embedded to the films once I learn the techniques to do it. Since Fad+ is not too long to remember all editing steps, I would at least end with a basic knowledge of the softwares. 

-Action plan

Looking at the schedule given to us I can see that there is a digital skills tutorial on the 02/8, which I would sign up for if it has the element to teach editing for film. Also on the 15/8 there is a premier work shop that I hope to get more knowledge. Until then I could use the computers in the IT room to start play with the softwares myself, but this can only happen depending on the free time I have. 

15/06 celebrating archway

The first thing in the morning we had a presentation on what an effective research is. Since for my films I need intensive information on the theme, I have always valued research even before this presentation. It is something that forms my viewpoint by looking at the theme from many different perspectives. Even in the last steps of creating the outcome I add in research so then it becomes a backup and proof of how I built the concept. But the presentation helped me with choosing the information I use for example I remember using a website which didn't have proof of other major companies such as BBC.  Afterwards when I was given the new brief of celebrating archway I already felt stuck. This time I had already been given a location and that I have to try not offend them. I always try to make a piece by not using materials or topics which have been in the cinematic would. Daily life is something that pretty much has been in films numerous times. I set aside that thought and stepped into the location I was given so then it may give me inspiration. Before going to the place I had searched online the website so I had an idea of what it is like. I did take photographs and some sketching but honestly it was just like I imagined it to be. Later that day when I had the library induction and saw a section that I thought might help me. Occult was something I haven't looked at so I borrowed a book about occult in London. I will read through the book then try to combine this theme and the location to see what happens.   

beautiful, salon


18/06 celebrating archway

The whole day was dedicated to record and develop ideas from the starting point we were given. I was told that the location was only a starting point and that as long as I use the place I can do anything else.  To make it original and personal I started off with brains storming key words that may help me develop an idea. The discussions I had with another gave me more elements that I could take forward. For example taking the beauty topic into a film of men in makeup. Many guys wear make up nowadays and it is becoming basic, but there isn't many movies about it so I think it would help me bring out my originality. Because I was already given a starting point it felt like I was just designing at first, but after I was told that I could expand it into something else it changed the way I think of art. It had both elements and I didn't know that it could be this free. Although I still had problems getting an idea that I agree on and still haven't fully decided, I enjoyed being able to create film almost independently. In A-level we were told what to do for each sketch book page and it felt restricted but now that I am able to plan by myself it can be played along to how I want it to be. 

project: archway


21/06 celebrating archway

Unlike yesterday where almost the whole day was taken away with work shops I had the entire day to continue developing with the project. I wanted to take time into improving the concept I have to make it different from another film that exists. My goal is to be able to challenge the pre-conception of the audience. In order for that to happen I felt the need to deepen the narrative so I tried to make it personal. Then I came up to the idea of a film that is explaining the beauty salon I experienced without using the location or any materials used or related. From that I brainstormed key words that connect to a salon so I can find a kind of allegory or metaphor and came to the thought of maintenance. I decided the visuals would be furniture or machinery being fixed. Also since I thought the staff in the beauty salon seemed quite busy ( some reviews had the same view point) would be a scene of a crowd of people trying to walk through. After coming to this idea I was kind of stuck, but from the tutorial I had where they told me to take some photographs that can visualise the idea. I took photos and then started to create a story board  where the day ended. 

25/06 celebrating archway, second critique, handmaking

During the weekend I have done improvements to the project I had, but I wasn't aware of the fact of having a second critique. It was sudden however I only had to scan a page from my sketch book I have added as development. As a practitioner I realised that if a dead line is there is no way of avoiding it and that it would cause a problem to someone else. Since the only work I do at the moment is the home work I get as a student which only either benefit myself or affect the grades which I need for my career. However in the future there will be customers waiting and if it was a film other editors so the chosen date to finish a project will not wait any longer. This also taught me more of the design aspect then art. After the critique I was given a new brief with the project of hand making where I have to be thinking how the outcomes can relate to my own disciplinary of film. Before even having the time to think about the project I already had a time booked for casting which included the clay, plastic and concrete cast to make from. Since I had no idea I literally took the objects I have access to and created things I felt that I wanted to by chance. It was great fun because there was less of the thinking process going on and just letting my self express through making. 

casting workshop


casting workshop


28/06 hand making

Today I had the wood work shop for the whole day, but at first I didn't have a solid idea of what to do. However because we did the quick sketching of the outcome to curate for the day I had a better idea of what to do. By recreating the form of my own body from the self-portrait project in wood, I thought it would highlight the feeling that the figure is feeling taut. I also designed it in a way where the figure will be in place only from looking it from the front, so it shows the brokenness yet keeps a form. Before coming here I have had experience in wood work so I tried to challenge myself through describing the flexible human curves with wood. I did have some difficulties but because the tutor helped me choose the right tool to do it, I was able to finish the work. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to be.  

wood work shop


02/07 first tutorial

This day I had my first official tutorial on the work we have done in the past month. I was quite worried on the amount of research I have because when we were shown an example it had a lot then I thought we needed. However that wasn't the problem about my research. As a visual artist I needed more images onto the page so that I am able to come back to what I need easily. It can remind myself what the work was about then read my own thoughts about it. It made me come to the thought of that I always need to be thinking about my own disciplinary even if it is the smallest things. I need to be questioning if I am doing the right thing at all times.  

04/07 drawing presentation

Film can be thought to be one of the farthest subjects from drawing, but in fact it has been a skill that I needed to create a narrative. A story board to explain my idea helps my self to know how it should develop as a final outcome. It is almost like a final check before I start filming and editing. Also not only the story board but in my past project I even drew the character for the film poster. The drawings have a style that can even visualise the aesthetic or atmosphere it would have. When I draw a fast sketch which is one of my weak points it turns out too messy and random. So every time I draw I try to take time and to finish it precisely which I find my strength in. Also I usually take some photos of a actor who I think might match to the theme and draw the story board from that to see if they actually fit in. Personally I think what makes a good drawing is not just the neatness but also if it communicates exactly what I want to say.     

During the presentation of drawing there was a quick sketch task of trying to fill in 30 circles in a certain time. I did feel the need to rush and fill them in but it made me slow down by worrying the quality and creativity. Since everyone is doing the same task i didn't want mine to end up looking like everyone else at first. But soon I panicked enough to try filling them in with any circle object I could think of.     

30 circle drawing


06/07 drawing

This day was the last time to work on the two day drawing project. My task was to finish the object interacting project done by pairs. We decided to develop the concept through the research of what colour birds see. So the object would be used to look in almost like a camera effect. Thinking about the location since the windows had bars on them it looked like a trap for the bird. From that observation we got a narrative idea of a bird trapped trying to get out and so there would be a character to lead it out. Since birds are attracted to shiny objects we experimented with the information by using mirrors to reflect sunshine. The only difficulty we had was that the object needed sunshine and as time passes the location had to switch around. We were lucky because the campus windows looked all the same. But when we saw the shots taken on screen it was too dark to see but there was no time left to re-do them so using those images we created the story board. I can see this project with a narrowed down theme as a film in the end. By using the object it would create a strong visual impact compared to what normal cameras capture. 

09/07 co-create

At the beginning of this project of co-create I had no idea how this would work out. My partner was a textile student and so at first it sounded very far from my discipline of film. But she brought in a artist who showed texture through out film. Seeing this work helped me realise all the texture I have used for my previous projects like when I dissolved pills in water or the other time when I took close up of flowers with water droplets. It made me realise that textiles isn't only for fashion and that it could be flexible. The tutors has mentioned about communicating with another would be difficult, but we didn't have much problem and was already able to start thinking about the outcomes to create. Out of all of the ideas personally I thought the idea of communicating a narrative about how my partner creates textiles inspired from what she sees as a dyslexic person. I was able to come up with this idea because she showed her Pecha Kucha. 

10/07 co-create

We started searching for practitioners whom used both of our discipline in a outcome to come up with more ideas. Patternity has done a film commissioned by the Clarks Originals which contained the narrative of the owner and the different patterns with text that tell that inspiration can be taken from anything. From this research we were inspired to have an idea that utilises textile in a film to describe a message. Ballet Rotoscope is a film project visualising the beauty of human forms by graphically tracing lines on top of a ballet dancer. This outcome gave us an idea of taking performance art to get shapes to create textiles from. Another photograph from a exhibition from my partners phone we found inspiration from. Sadly we don't have the artist name to research further but just looking at the piece gave us a hint for this project. It was a panoramic view of many photographs besides each other created from the layers of opaque paper. We then came up with a story board in a panoramic view with textile inspired by the shape underneath it. 

11/07 co-create

This day started off with the library research where me and my partner looked for visual inspiration. We went through any keywords related to the project to find books that contain photographs of the artist work. This was because we didn't want to decide on the theme just yet since we didn't know what our object is. Still the images we found gave more idea of what a monochrome outcome would look like in terms of aesthetic. After wards we were given our object to find inspiration from which was a canvas with non-legible font which was labelled poem. Until we found the label we had no idea what it is suppose to mean or function as. Soon we got an idea that the artist was trying to challenge the definition of words and poems to be able to read. It was mostly because it only gave a few hints of what its suppose to tell us besides the fact they say it is a poem. This thought gave us an idea of what to bring forward as a final outcome. It was the concept of taking dyslexia as a way to see objects to create textile and describing this narrative as a film. In the film we would show textile made from fonts along with a performance piece which resembles freedom. 

12/07 co-create

This day we both focused on creating the textiles using the workshops available to us. We wanted to use the print studio but unfortunately it was closed. So my partner attended to the kitting workshop and I stayed in the room to make distorted text using paper. I started off with writing the word Dyslexia over each other to cut out the bits that overlapped. Then I was thinking it would be a good idea to film this piece controlling light to shine through the holes onto the character. Since I hand wrote the font onto the black card which was really stiff to cut it took me the whole day to finish it. While my partner finished three knitting piece which symbolised the distortion of what dyslexic people see. 

Black Card Textile


16/07 co-create

During the weekend I edited the film together and in the morning showed it to the tutors. For this project I created the film as a three minute piece which has always been the minimum requirement in my a-level courses. But the tutor thought  that it was a bit too long since it would be in a show window where people have to stand and watch. It made me realise that I need the flexibility to create the outcome depending on the display. So through out the day I took time to edit the film where my partner refined the knitting pieces to be a film poster. We both struggled to come up with a title for this and I thought it should come from a textile relating vocabulary. However it didn't seem to fit in until my partner researched words relating to dyslexia which widened to stress. On the website it said white page to describe the mind blankness and we both agreed The White Page can reflect to what our concept is. The end result for this project was much better then I expected. If we were given a additional week until submission I think we would add in more scenes to describe the narrative more clear. Also add more textiles using more material for both the poster and film. For the exhibition the work would be on screen with the textile poster beside it. 

Poster Design


Part 2 Reflective Review

Out all of the projects I've done so far for fad+ I had a time where I struggled the most. It was the celebrating archway project. Finding inspiration was very difficult since the beauty salon seemed like a location that is commonly used in a film. In the end I was able to come up with a concept idea that isn't vague but because I took too much time in thinking and the idea I didn't have time to develop it into a film. Unlike this project I enjoyed the co-create most, and I think it is the strongest work so far. It was because we were able to combine both of our disciplines without killing the advantage. From this I was able to learned how much affinity is important. We were both able to communicate without any arguments and come up with ideas that needs to be crated from both our disciplines. I also was able to learn from the celebrating archway project about the local area. By opening up my view to see what is around me made me realise that we all our working hard for whatever the goal is. I talked about my own goal through the peach kucha presentation along with explanation of my self and my work. It helped me to talk through it because of the photographs reminded me of the points I need to bring up. Also by creating this presentation I was able to re-examin where I stand in terms of how I see film. Looking back at all of the work I have produced the themes has been quite similar since they all have the same starting point of flexibility and tautness. However I was able to bring the idea further so then they are all different, but I think the aesthetics has been similar. I have been consistent with my personal time for extra work but I am only able to since I have nothing else to do. Through out this course I was able to gain the skill to do my work almost all the time without any distractions. How I approach my projects has changed as well. Now I am able to be flexible to work hard in the short time given and be ready for what might be ahead. Also I am able to create my sketch book in a way where the information needed is there. I have-not had the time to look into films so my appreciation for practitioners haven't increased or lowered. At the beginning of this course my goal was to gain more skills for filming, which I haven't achieved yet. It was because I had to be flexible to create outcomes that arn't film base and so I couldn't focus on my discipline. So for this final project I want to try and create a film that is strong enough that I will be satisfied in the end. 

13/06 self portrait

This day the task was to finish off the first project of self-portraits. To have more understanding of the photos I took the day before I printed them off and annotate it so I know what improvements I could make for the final image. The previous clothing showed some skin around the stomach where the ribs are sticking out so it added a interesting form, so I decided to choose the final image from the ones I already have. However I found it difficult on choosing them because I liked this series of myself in the same pose, but taken from different angles. But I had a help from a tutor where I learned a way of deciding. The reason he chose the image was that it was not giving away many hints. So when the viewers see the photo they have to figure out what is going on, which draws them in. Either way all of the images explained my concept of how I am trying to fill in a space with my flexibility. After the free time of improving the projects I had a work shop to help develop writing skills for reflection. It has helped myself to gain more knowledge on what the tutors are looking for in a written piece. 

Final self-portrait


14/06 self portrait

This day we had been assigned to a group critique of our self-portraits, and develop the ideas into various locations or ways to display the image. The comments I got made it clear that the movement had a dance element rather then the flexibility. But I am glad that some were able to get the sense of claustrophobic because one of the things I wanted them to know was how I am trapped. These comments was quite good as a guess of what the message is, so to bring it up a notch I started off with thinking about location ideas for the image to be displayed. Since I wanted to keep the image stand out by it self the places where kept simple like a white wall or the cube shaped wooden pillars. From the idea of that my movement looks like a dance form, I came to the idea of performance work. I think by projecting the image on to a wall and have myself actually doing the pose in front would be interesting. By this it would bring more impact to the audience and even highlight my concept of flexibility. Then I experimented with manipulating the image digitally and physically. The one I felt that was the most successful one was where I actually did the body movement with the image in one hand then taking a photo of that. It created more depth and I think it would make the viewers question more. By repeating what is done once builds up a sense of hallucination that it may continue on for eternity. During this day I didn't have much problems besides the fact I was stuck trying to figure out a way to print which I was lucky, because I was able to solve that.   

photo manipulation


critique sheet


20/06 celebrating archway

This day started off with a stitching work shop. I thought it would only be about the sewing machine which I already know how to use, but it included knitting as well. Even though I struggled the tutor helped me through, so I felt like I can use it whenever I need access to. The afternoon was followed with another work shop of wood, plastic, clay, and metal which felt more like an introduction to each equipment they can provide. Even though it might seem like it is less needed in a film study there might be a time where I think of a prop that I need, which can even add in more creativity and multi-disciplinary skills. My project that day didn't progress much since I was only left 30min but it was very help full to be able to fully understand what material is available to widen the variety of final outcomes we can create. 

final visual: project archway


22/06 celebrating archway, first critique

In the morning I was told that the project had to end this day which was unexpected since on the brief it said we had the weekend. However it wasn't a problem to me because I already started on the final page the day before. I was able to finish and scan the story board for the critique. When I saw others work I felt like I haven't been doing the same amount since others already had the final shape. If I was told to create a film within a week it would've been impossible to finish and it wold be an unfair amount compared to others. Which I agree on, but I still thought I at least can deepen the concept further to polish the idea. We were then paired into triples to give feedback to each other. For my project they both agreed I would need a link for each of the scenes and that I should consider re-thiking more about the sound I would use. According to the comments I started off with thinking of how to connect them. 

26/06 hand making

On the day before I have signed myself in to printing work shop but before I do any making I had to think about the theme for my project. The brief told us to be inspired by any cases which is found in the newspaper provided. I did have a case I wanted to continue on yesterday but it had been thrown away whilst attending my work shop. However I still remembered what the article was about so with the remaining memory of what the article is I decided to research it on line. I was able to get more information but I was stuck on how to bring it forward. The article was about a teenager boy who had mental issues forms he fact that his parents both passed away. He set a bomb created by himself to kill many British people as possible. Personally I have been through that depression phase when one of my friends had passed away so I through this project can be quite personal. I looked through the articles for further inspiration and stopped at greek sculptures which were created by the idea of flexibility. It was physical flexibility but I thought the forms can symbolise how taut I felt inside from trying to move on. So in the print work shop I did man forms of myself posing to show flexibility and added water to soap to show the distortion. It went well as a result and I think it is strong enough to show what I want to say.

printing workshop


27/06 writing session, evil cinema

The morning started off with free period until it was the time for the writing session. So I refined my sketch book for the new project and attended the lesson. We were taught on the writing for both reflection and research. By doing this I was able to know how I should improve in terms of the content of the writing if it says enough of what I need to say. It wasn't much of a problem to me anyways but it just brought my attention to the basic questions I need to answer in writing. The afternoon started with seeing other peoples workflow so we have a better idea on the amount and display of the reflection and research page. The examples that were displayed showed so much references for research and so I realised how much I need to catch up on. I was also able to know the various other research ways I could do for one project. Afterwards I was given a whole new project to work on which had the starting point to know our selves deeper. One of the tasks was to think about our personal hero which I think will be the most difficult tasks. I didn't have a film director or any kind of artist that had me starting neither art of film. I simply followed what I found my talent in and came across film, so honestly I don't even know if that would change in the future. The other questions weren't much of a problem. 

destroyed vacuum cast/concrete piece


29/06 hand making

For this day I have signed up myself for the stitching/knitting workshop, but in the morning I had to get the concrete piece I made using the vacuum cast. The part that was a hand glove had been completely stuck so I had to cut up the cast completely. At first I didn't want to destroy it but in the end it looked better distorted. It created connected to the theme I have in terms of the emotion of taut being emphasised with the arms breaking. With the hand trying to cover up the face but feeling tautness and so the arm starts breaking off. I think it visualises the idea as a narrative this way, so if the outcomes were series this work would be the first one displayed. Soon after I joined in the sewing/knitting work shop and decided to use the knitting machine to describe the stretch of muscles. There I was able to learn the ladder technique where I can create a hole in to the knit. I created it so it looks like a finer of the muscle so its a line which went successful then I expected. However I thought I could've used the colour red to emphasis what I am trying to show since I used black. To make it looked stretched out I had to think about how to display it where my friend gave me the idea of nailing it down to a wooden board. It did help highlight what I wanted to show but others might come to the idea of specimens because the piece is hammered down using nails. Soon after I had to rush into a final tutorial for this project. I received feed back on how  I should consider thinking about how to develop this further to fit into my own discipline. There wasn't much I would do differently since I had a concept taken into each of the outcomes but maybe I could've used the greek sculpture poses instead of the one from the self-portrait project. It would show more referencing of it instead of just the inspiration. Out of all of the outcomes I think the wooden piece worked with the theme the best. Because of the material showing the hardened body along with how I made the form more geometric to emphasis tautness. Also how I separated it by body parts so the viewers can see the whole body connected only from one angle showing only some could find the person taut. By seeing other peoples work showed how mine didn't show how it would fit into my own discipline. 

knitting work shop


05/07 drawing

Today was the start of a two day project based on drawing. We started off with a project of one group of people posing a narrative they find within chosen objects. The rest would draw the people with the objects but can extend it into what story they see and imagine. I find it very interesting how each of the fantasies were very different and original. As a film creator I felt the pressure to be able to think of a narrative quicker then anyone else. That would be one of there reasons why I kept on trying to give more ideas to my group when we were posing for the others. However that wasn't the problem, because the drawings I had to do were very low quality since I felt rushed to do them. It makes me realise how I stick to taking time to draw since that is the only way I can communicate my ideas. Keeping the idea of using of a object we did a activity of brainstorming and interacting with it to understand it without any research. By holding the object in hand placing it to any part around the body felt like getting closer to the answer. To understand the object was very difficult and even if we knew one use of it no one was able to figure out what exactly it would be used as. The task after wards was to create a short performance using the object. Our group used the object as a way to see through. This whole work shop of today felt like understanding the prop before the narrative. I feel that I have learned to understand the importance of props more. 

Drawing workshop




object interaction

Download object interaction.mp4 [39.12MB]

13/07 co-create

For the filming process my partner who has a printer to use for acetate and tracing paper brought in experiments which used font in a distorted way so no one can read them. One piece was on a organza which made it see-through and all of the work I saw it can be used into the film. This whole day we stayed in a room to film each of the paper experiments in a different way and the performance work. It wasn't a difficult process but it was defiantly tiering so in the end of the day we were both very exhausted. However when I checked what we had the films we took was very strong then I thought. The textiles didn't disturb the film and instead created a strong impact and it complimented each other. Honestly I was afraid it might not work but after seeing it I was more confident in the piece. 

Paper Textiles


17/07 co-create, critique

This day was the day for the critique for the co-create project. Our object was inspired by an object which challenged the meaning of poems through non-legible text design. We took that idea to be combined with how my partner Chloe creates her textile design inspired from what she sees as a dyslexic person. So in the final film we used created textile with non-legible text along with a performance piece to describe the characters condition. What made our film stand out was the utilisation if textile and how our disciplines complimented each other with out distracting any of it. Honestly I can't even come up with any points we could improve because I think we were able to respond to the brief. If we had more time for improvement maybe we would do a re-shoot of the film in a different location that could match better to the theme. Our collaboration went very successfully since we kept the same opinion on work and we both didn't have to argue so I am really glad I was able to work with Chloe. From this project it made me think that I should be more open whenever there is a opportunity to collaborate since it helps create more impact in the work. 

The White Page

18/07 pecha kucha

For today I had to present my pecha kucha for assessment. Because I wrote down bullet points of what I need to talk about it wasn't a struggle to do the speech part besides the fact I had extra time for few slides. Before I did my own I saw a couple of other people do theirs where they went through of what they understand about the discipline and a lot about practitioners. It made me realise that knowing myself and my work isn't just going through the outcomes I created in the past. I automatically made an underestimation that everyone knows film when that may differ to what I personally think about film. The peer assessment helped me know that I needed more artist instead of having two films in one slide. I was glad that I was able to talk clearly because in the past I have always made many mistakes in presentations since the group of peoples attention scares me. What helped was that it wasn't the whole class that was the audience and instead a small bunch of people. 

Pecha Kucha peer assessment



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