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Research file

sam Taylor wood

For the self-portrait project I was inspired by this artist of the simplicity of just one person keeping a pose in mid-air. Yet it creates a strong photography in terms of capturing suspend using body language. Even though we control our selves to move, in this picture it emphasises the feeling of it being forced. It was also interesting that I found this work string because she is a film maker as well. The photography has a sense of story telling and I could see it being transferred into a film. It could show the character trying to gain control over her own body. From this I came to the idea of expressing something through body language. 

primary research, beautiful

The location I received was a beauty salon. Since I've been to some, so I tried to find assets that make this one different from the ones I know. I visited the location twice but both times I was told to come back at least half an hour later. So the first asset was the busyness they had which reflected onto the British life in London how every body seems like they are rushing for something. Not only myself experiencing it but some reviews on google even agreed on this opinion. When I was there at first there weren't any customers so the staff seemed very alerted with what I had to do there and looked at me like I might attack any second. But the next time I was there when customers where around she all of a sudden opened up which scared me a bit and it really told me that she didn't want to scare the people away.   

location, beautiful, salon


Mary's Cherries-Artist research

I could not find any of the actual final film for this but instead I watched the artist explaining about it along with cuts from the piece. The work was made from the simple thought that the cherries on drinks are similar to how girls paint their nails. However instead of literally showing it she made a world within the camera of a factory creating the cherries by cutting red painted long nails. I find this very inspiring for this project because the thought by it self might seem simple but how it is portrayed and told through a different narrative has a impact. The film gives the hints for the audience to figure out so then they are dragged in to this quite weird scene they are looking at. When I saw part of the film I got a mysterious feeling about it because I didn't know what was going on. But because it had her explaining what it is I had a click inside my head like it connected to the narrative instantly. None of the shots edited in were random and each of them gave more meaning to the concept. 

Mika Rottenberg - Mary's Cherries

Newspaper project-Ahmed Sassan

For this new project I started off with the case study of a teenager boy who was imprisoned for life for attempting to kill much British people as possible. He had a mental issue from the loss of both of his parents and people around him has treated him in a way that makes him suicidal. I was interested in the emotion how he might of felt during his depression how he could'nt be flexible enough to fit into others emotion. If it was put into words to describe it would be tautness but inside. This idea of taut is what I want to conceptualise fir this project so it would be the base and core. 

Primary research-Whitechapel gallery

Out of many exhibitions I have seen in London, I definitely recommend myself for another visit back here. It had more film outcomes then I expected and each film had a original way of displaying them, so I was able to learn the diversity. The only part I didn't find attracting was that the films had to be played on a continuous loop where people can't see it from the beginning and so it was like trying to understand it by suddenly starting to watch it. If I had my work displayed I want each audience to be able to observe it from the start. Besides that the films it self each had a concept and theme with it which was described in its own way through the display, atmosphere, visuals, and sound. The only common characteristics they shared was that it had to either have people in it or have a voice over like using humans to describe. My films share the same point and I definitely agree that themes and concept around the human being makes it interesting. What makes people interesting is that the point no one understands the true value along with the reasons we exist.  

Whitechapel gallery

Whitechapel gallery-Kati Horna

For the hand making project I knew how it would be put into my own discipline but not specifically. The 3D outcomes would be used as a prop inside the film. However looking at this photography work, I was able to learn that they work doesn't necessarily have to be displayed on their own but be interacting with the actor. In the work it emphasis a deeper meaning just by placing the sculpture which keeps a warm smile in front of the women who seems to be crying. To me the face smiling looks like a ancestor or a guardian angel looking after her since the women doesn't realise that it is there. 

Kati Horna, Prestado 1962


Birds view

To respond to the object that shows different colour when it shows sunlight I did a research on how birds can see through their eyes. Birds are able to see better then humans when it is bright and is told that they can tell the uv light. What was similar to the object was that the colour is different combined to the fact they both react on uv light. The object helped to create a composition view of the audience looking through a birds eye. 

Birds view vs humans view


Ballet rotoscope

This film piece shows how human body forms can be interesting. It utilises the flexibility of a ballet dancer to have graphic lines over the body to emphasis the shape. The work is made to show the collaboration of innovation and dance movements to highlight the beauty of the structure movements can create. Taking this idea forward my first film was based in the idea of performance art used many body language. Combining this idea with creating textile pieces being inspired by the shape of the performance would create a interesting piece. It fully utilises both of our disciplines without wasting anything.  

Ballet rotoscope

presenting idea /co-create

To visualize our idea for this project of co-create we put it in as a power point along with a mix of our work and artist work which describes how we got the ideas. 

presenting idea /co-create

Until the lions

This is an trailer from an contemporary dance which shows a narrative. They put strength where the main hero being a women to also question the society of gender. In the story the main character is abducted on the day of her wedding and she seeks revenge by invoking to the gods. For our co-create project we decided the character emotion would be shown through performance so by seeing this work it gave me an idea of how to express through movements.  

Until the lions

Jenny Saville

For the project of self-portrait I decided to use body language to inform my idea to the viewers, and also add a diptych so it can be included into my own discipline. By showing a series of photographs it creates a sense of story like a film story board. I wanted to show how I am trying to open a gap for others to fit inside, but I didn't have much idea before. However by seeing this work it inspired me to do an idea. My idea can be shown through myself attempting to open space in a room. It would be a diptych with me being smushed to be photographed through a plastic board. Then the other photo would be myself against a wall in a completely empty room.  

reviews, beautiful

As I said before the staff seemed like they were rushing the operations and who seemed to be the owner was on her laptop along with a phone in hand looking like there isn't any time left. I wondered if anyone else felt this way so I checked the google map reviews online. Most of it complimented the salon as a wonderful place, but the others complained that the staff were quickly doing each steps and so they couldn't relax at all. It was such a contradiction because none of the reviews said anything in-between so it seemed that the people that go there either feel really unpleased or relaxed. What was also interesting was that the owner had replied to the bad reviews almost sounding like the customers didn't give her a chance, but honestly it just made her look quite desperate for the person to not leave. Personally I think the best she could've done was to not even reply the bad review. 

Beautiful, website

The site is kept very plain with limited choices of colour, having a clean aesthetic. From the look it made me think of a beach vibe since it reminded me of a beach hut. Opposite to that impression the staffs seemed as if they were rushing to save time. Some reviews had the same opinion on the way they act and I'm saying that because I don't want to offend anyone. 

Caledonian Road-film research

This film is about Caledonian Road, the lives there to the history. It is taught through a specific figures whom lived there and know the location very well. The visuals are literal, showing the scene and people speaking the reality of having the life there. Many opinions from them describe how they had many problems while the experience also about how others not from the location thought about the place. Compared to the films I create it is very documentary and far from metaphors like mine. It basically shows the reality  so I am considering to challenge myself to try think of a setting/character that would be based on the place I was provided but without being so literal.  

The secret history of our streets: Caledonian Road

Newspaper project-Greek sculptures

I thought the previous article of Ahmed Sassan can be combined with this one. It is about the greek sculptures being created from flexible human forms. From that it made me think of the model who had to pose while it was being created feeling taut physically. So I decided to try to describe how tautness can be felt inside. Using the photographs from the self-portrait I thought of making the 3D outcomes baed on them and from he media I use I can describe the stiffness. Not only the tautness but the distortion of emotion can be added in as well. 

whitechapel gallery-Georg Herold

This work was breaking his the human body actually is and describing it in a surreal way. That was why it reminded me of what I was trying to do for the hand making project. By describing the body with different characteristics it communicates a new theme. What I am doing is to visualise tautness inside but this artwork reminded me of hw people are greedy. When I saw the fist shape I think of a sign of effort and the skin sewed filled with wood like their stuffing them selves with dreams. Taking inspiration I thought of doing the wood work shop to create a flexible form so it can show the tenseness the figure feels through the media. 

Georg Herold, Untitled


Pattern pioneers

This film is a monochrome piece showing texture using graphic skills to show patterns. Using text it makes a impassioned flea on the possibilities of pattern and how inspiration is all over the place.  The message is told through a narrative of the history of clarks originals a boots company who commissioned the paternity studio for a film piece. I found inspiration on how they use textile to tell a story of a brand and so for our project of co-create we decided to take this further into our own style. In my previous project I created through the theme of euthanasia where I dissolved pills in water to symbolise the medicine sinking into our bodies, to show my view point on how euthanasia should,d be more open to each other. My partner has dyslexia and I found interesting is that instead of taking it as advantage she took it as another way of seeing objects to be inspired for her textile design. Combining these two ideas the final shape would be a film with a narrative of taking dyslexia as inspiration through showing her work of textile. 

Pattern pioneers

Library research

After we got our object for the co-crate project, we researched for visual inspiration for the film. Many of the artist work we tried to look for was the ones that showed examples of typography embedded into the outcomes. This way we were able to gain a lot of ideas to try experiment with to show in the film. One of the ideas was to print distorted font onto different media of paper such as tracing paper, acetate, and regular paper to create cut outs. In the film we would control the lighting in a way that either shines through the paper or creates a view that is see-through to show the character behind it. 

Library research


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